Monique's Ideal Body DISCOVERIES...

The discoveries responsible for helping her lose 55 pounds and feeling confident and beautiful in her own skin again WITHOUT eliminating all of her favorite foods!




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It's Time to Feel Beautiful and Confident In Your Own Skin Again!!!

How many of you have ever found yourself NOT being able to do an activity that you once were able to do? Is it because you easily run out of breath? Do you feel tired a short while after exerting energy?

How many of you HIDE from the camera, or take a picture and instantly HATE the result of it? Is it because you don't like the way you look? Do you wish you could do something to change that, but don’t know how or where to start? 

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then this is one of the most important letters you'll read all year!

Here's why...

In today's fitness world, many women are LIED to about how they can lose 20 pounds in a week or how they can only lose weight if they solely eat chicken and salads. 


These myths are all LIES!!! 

And unfortunately, these lies make women set unrealistic and unattainable goals for themselves...

But what if I told you there IS a way you could lose weight while eating delicious meals and NOT solely eating chicken and salads everyday, all day??

What if I told you that eating more will actually BENEFIT you and help you lose more weight??

What if I told you you CAN lose weight by NOT killing yourself in the gym for 4 hours a day??

What if I told you you CAN be able to gain confidence and learn how to love yourself again?
My name is Monique Crosby and I'm a fitness expert on losing weight and gaining that self confidence back!

Not only do I have a Bachelor of Science in Health Science degree, but I am also an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and a 3x Nationally Qualified NPC Figure Competitor who has recently LOST 55 POUNDS and has managed to KEEP IT OFF!

Don't believe me? Take a look at my transformation...

Before starting my weight loss journey, I was very confused and frustrated JUST LIKE YOU! I knew I needed to eat healthier and start working out, but... 



"...How much should I eat?"

"...When should I eat?"

"....Am I allowed to have carbs?"

The more I googled, the more confused I became...

Have you ever felt confused when googling "weight loss" and a bunch of nonsense pops up?!? 

Well if you've experienced this, THEN YOU'RE NOT ALONE!

Once I stopped believing all the crazy theories that were online, stopped buying "magic diet pills" and stopped doing countless hours of cardio just to see the number stay the same on the scale, I was able to actually devise a plan THAT WORKED! Once my plan was devised, I was able to, not only lose the weight, but gain back that self confidence and self love! 

I was also able to learn A TON of new information and make MAJOR DISCOVERIES, such as what the fitness industry has been lying to us about for numerous years and what it really takes to get healthy!

Because I learned all of this information throughout my weight loss journey, I wanted to share my experiences and knowledge with all the ladies out there who have struggled with their journeys, just like I did! 


 Discovery #1: You Don't Have to Just Eat Salads or Chicken to Lose Weight!
The fitness industry has lied to us FOR YEARS by saying that in order to lose weight, we have to only eat chicken or salads and limit the amount of food we intake...NOT TRUE!
 Discovery #2: Carbs Are NOT Bad For You!
The fitness industry has made us believe that carbs are preventing us from losing weight and that we should never eat them...NOT TRUE!
 Discovery #3: Lifting Weights Will NOT Make You Look Like A Man!
The fitness industry has made us women believe that if we lift weights, we will get big and bulky muscles and look like a man...NOT TRUE!

Let Me Explain These Discoveries I Have Made A Little More Thoroughly...

So You've Probably Been Told:

"Count Your Calories"


"Carbs Are EVIL"


"You Can't Go Out To Eat"


"You Have To Eliminate All The Food You Love"


I am SO tired of hearing all of these "theories" people have come up with because they are simply and completely NOT TRUE!

Let me fill you ladies in on a little secret: It's not about monitoring EVERY CALORIE that goes into your body, it's about consuming the RIGHT SOURCE OF NUTRITION...meaning, you need to learn to eat for fuel and not for comfort.

For instance, I'm pretty sure we all can agree that there is a HUGE difference between 500 Calories of Ice Cream versus 500 Calories of Brown Rice and Vegetables...right?

However, that DOES NOT mean that you can never eat ice cream again and you have to solely stick to chicken, brown rice and vegetables! Throughout the majority of the week, you should be eating wholesome foods, such as eggs, fish, rice, beans, vegetables and more! By eating wholesome foods the majority of the time, you will be able to fuel your body the PROPER way, which will allow you to be successful with your weight loss!
Once you start fueling your body the right way, you can allow yourself more flexibility to actually EAT MORE, which will allow you to LOSE MORE weight. By eating more frequently (about every 3 hours), you are allowing your metabolism to speed up, which will allow your body to start burning more calories and fat. Because your metabolism will be speeding up, you will be able to still enjoy your favorite foods by having a cheat meal every once in a while (Discovery #1)!

Now, let's talk about carbs and how BAD they are for you and how you can NEVER eat them again...


But I'm sure you've heard that numerous times...right? 

Well...let me fill you ladies in on ANOTHER little secret: Our bodies NEED complex carbs to function and to burn fat as energy!
What's a complex carb you may ask?

A complex carb is a carbohydrate that has a longer chain of sugar molecules than a simple carbohydrate has. What does that mean? It means that once the body converts these sugar molecules into glucose, energy is provided for the body. Since complex carbs have longer chains than simple carbs, they provide longer lasting energy because they take longer to break down in the body. 

Cool right?!

Now you're probably thinking, "Well I want long lasting energy! What complex carbs should I eat?"

Examples of some complex carbs can include:
1) Brown Rice
2) Lentils
3) Chick Peas
and more!

So DO NOT let anybody tell you that you can't eat carbs because YOU CAN and SHOULD (Discovery #2)!

Now that you know carbs are good for you and you can still lose weight while enjoying your favorite foods, let's talk about weights...

Men have been working out for YEARS because they know that they will, not only build muscle, but lose fat as well! But for SOME STRANGE REASON, when women hear "working out" and "weights" they just think they will build muscle...too much muscle! They think they will somehow end up looking like the Hulk....
Ok maybe not THAT extreme, but you get the idea!

So guess what ladies...I have ANOTHER little secret for you: 
Lifting weights will actually help boost your metabolism, help you lose fat and help tone your body!

But guess what it WON'T do?

It WON'T make you look like a man and it WON'T give you insanely big muscles like the Hulk (Discovery #3)!

So Now I Have A Question For You Ladies...

Now that you have seen my transformation and know the three MAJOR discoveries that have helped me lose weight and get healthy...


Do you want my help implementing all of these discoveries to make it super simple to start getting results RIGHT NOW?!

Do you want my help in helping you feel beautiful and confident in your own skin again?!

Do you want my help in losing weight so you can run around with your kids and/or grandkids again WITHOUT getting winded?!

Do you want my help in learning how to live a healthier lifestyle WITHOUT giving up all the foods you love and WITHOUT feeling lost in the gym?!

If you have answered YES to ANY of these questions, then do I have something for you...



No More Transformation Programs From People Who Haven't Transformed Themselves...

It's time for a REAL, Experience Based Program SPECIFICALLY For Women!

I created this program because I KNOW it will give you EVERYTHING you need to SUCCESSFULLY lose weight, KEEP IT OFF and feel beautiful and confident again!

So no matter where you're at...

Whether you are just starting out and need to lose 50 lbs.


You're trying to build muscle and lose that back fat


ANYWHERE in between,

The Sculpting Bodies Lifestyle Trainer is NOT a bodybuilder program! It is a system to help women JUST LIKE YOU sculpt their bodies 
into their dream bodies!

Here are some testimonials from people JUST LIKE YOU who loved different aspects of the program!!!
  What People Are Saying:
"... You gave me that confidence I was overlooking within!"
"I cannot thank you enough, if I am speaking truthfully! I didn't know what to expect! I was nervous and didn't know what the steps would be like. You gave me that confidence I was overlooking within! I went from 230 lbs to 205 lbs within a few weeks! This was one of the best decisions I have ever made!"
Jameka, 24 - Miramar, FL
"...They weren't that difficult to make, and they were healthy too!"
"I was really surprised with how much I enjoyed the recipes! The best part was how each recipe used similar ingredients, so I didn't have to buy as many groceries to make the food. They weren't that difficult to make, and they were healthy too! I definitely plan on making these same recipes again!"
Nicole, 23 - Miami, FL
"...I noticed my face slimming down within a week!"
"I enjoyed working this program! This program taught me how to weight train and focus on building strength throughout my body. I also loved the information that this program gave me on the foods I needed to eat. I noticed my face slimming down within a week!" 
Camarie, 23 - Oberlin, OH
"...My waist got smaller once I changed my diet!"
"My waist got smaller once I changed my diet! I also loved the techniques I have learned and I am using them as I grow with my workouts. I keep reminding myself to make sure my posture is in tack with each technique, like I learned. Thankful always!"
Sonia, 59 - Miramar, FL
"...You have a part to play!"
"Monique is in this profession to help bring out the best in you, but you have a part to play! She definitely helped bring out the best in me! Let Monique help you today!"
Barbara, 62 - Miami Gardens, FL 
"...They will get you real results, real fast!"
"The workouts are no joke, but they will get you real results, real fast! You pushed me in an encouraging and strong way and helped me feel powerful and capable, even when I didn't believe in myself!"
Janna, 27 - Salt Lake City, UT
"...She helped me understand the 
'why' when it came to nutrition!"

"Monique is thorough, reliable and genuinely desires to see her clients meet their goals inside and outside the gym. Her piece of knowledge combined with her pure passion for exercise made me confident she would develop a successful plan for me. Working with Monique has also become such a game changer in my nutrition planning because she has helped me understand the ‘why’ when it came to nutrition. I respect Monique so much because I have seen how she has transformed her own body and mindset! Monique personally knows the effort, pain and sacrifice it takes to reach your ideal body type and she is there to encourage you every step of the way!"
Victoria, 24 - Overland Park, KS
"...You gave me great lifestyle tips 
on how to make great changes!"

"It was tough, but you gave me the confidence to get through the workouts! You gave me great lifestyle tips on how to make great changes! You gave me the confidence to lift weights, which is something I did not think I could have done. It was a lovely experience!"
Kim, 22 - University Heights, OH


In Fact, Here's Just The Tip of The Iceberg of What You Get...
  • Benefit: You'll receive different gym and home workouts WITH demonstrations and step by step explanations for each exercise! 
  • Benefit: You'll receive The Sculpt Your Diet Cookbook, which contains a total of 200 recipes for breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and smoothie/shakes!
  • ​Benefit: You’ll receive daily updated meal plans!
  • Benefit: ​You’ll receive weekly updated grocery lists! 
  • Benefit: You'll receive the Manifesto that will remind you of what a Body Sculptor is and how beautiful, strong and courageous you are!
  • ​Benefit: You'll receive an "Inspirational Quote of the Day" daily!
  • ​Benefit: You'll receive advice and tips on how to be even more successful throughout your journey!
  • Benefit: ​You'll receive access to the exclusive accountability Facebook group that will allow you to meet others within the community!
  • ​Benefit: You’ll learn how to live a healthier lifestyle and how to love yourself again!


Are you ready to finally fit into those old jeans that are in the back of your closet??

Are you ready to be able to take a picture instead of hide from the camera??

Are you ready to chase your kids or grandkids around like you once were able to do or wish you were able to do??

Are you ready to inspire the women around you who want to accomplish the same goals?? 

Are you ready to live a healthier lifestyle and feel beautiful and confident again??


Well...Let Me Sweeten The Pot For You Even More With These Instant Bonuses For Acting RIGHT NOW...
Bonus #1: "Healthy Condiment Brands" Book
When you purchase the Sculpting Bodies’ Women's Lifestyle Program RIGHT NOW, you’ll get instant access to our FREE "Healthy Condiment Brands". The book includes various condiment brands and items, such as BBQ Sauces, Ketchups, Salad Dressings, Coffee Creamers, Dessert Dips, Syrups and more that are low in fat, salt, sugar, calories, carbs, GMO and/or MSG!
Bonus #2: "Suggested Supplements" Book
When you purchase the Sculpting Bodies’ Women's Lifestyle Program RIGHT NOW, you’ll get instant access to our FREE "Suggested Supplements" book. Not only does this book have the different supplements that I used throughout my weight loss journey, but it has the supplements that I trust will help you progress throughout your weight loss journey (if you choose to use supplements)!
Bonus #3: "Sculpt Your HIIT Workout" Book
When you purchase the Sculpting Bodies’ Women's Lifestyle Program RIGHT NOW, you’ll get instant access to our FREE "Sculpt Your HIIT Workout" book. Not only will this book explain how to create your very own HIIT workout, but this book will give you 50 different HIIT exercises that you can choose from when creating your own HIIT workout. These exercises can be done at home, at the park AND at the gym! 
Bonus #4: "Sculpt Your Plan" Book
When you purchase the Sculpting Bodies’ Women's Lifestyle Program RIGHT NOW, you’ll get instant access to our FREE "Sculpt Your HIIT Workout" book. This book will help you organize your days better by allowing you to write down your daily workouts and meals, as well as track your monthly progress! 
Bonus #5: "Explanation of the Rainbow" Book
When you purchase the Sculpting Bodies’ Women's Lifestyle Program RIGHT NOW, you’ll get instant access to our FREE "Explanation of the Rainbow" book. This book will break down each fruit and vegetable by color and will explain what vitamins and minerals they will provide you with. This book will also give you a chart of all the vitamins and minerals and what their benefits are! This book will help you be successful throughout your journey by teaching you exactly WHAT goes inside your body!
Bonus #6: "Sculpt Your Motivation" Book
When you purchase the Sculpting Bodies’ Women's Lifestyle Program RIGHT NOW, you’ll get instant access to our FREE "Sculpt Your Motivation" book. This book will help you be successful throughout your journey by giving you 20 motivational tips and secrets on how to motivate yourself when the days get tough! This book will also help you be successful throughout your journey by teaching you how to hold yourself accountable and responsible during your weight loss journey!



  "What If I Can't Get To A Gym?"

-I know that there are a TON of ladies out there who can't get to the gym due to various personal reasons or COVID-19, BUT that doesn't mean your goals aren't attainable! I have provided you with, not only a substantial amount of gym workouts, but also a substantial amount of at home workouts too! Those workouts can be done in the comfort of your own home or at the park with your family!

  "Are There Vegetarian Options?"

-Absolutely! While some meals in the cookbook are NOT made with meat, others can be made without meat or by swapping the meat out for ToFu!

  "Are The Meals Kid Friendly?"

-Yes! The meals were designed with families in mind! A lot of the meals were made in large portions so you can share with your friends or family, or just have enough leftovers for yourself! There's something for everyone!

  "What If The Number On The Scale Doesn't Move?"

-Sometimes it takes others longer to see the number on the scale change for various reasons. But the scale ISN'T the only way to check progress! If you were able to do more reps or sets this month versus last month, THAT'S PROGRESS! If your clothes fit looser, THAT'S PROGRESS! If you are able to move more without getting tired or feeling lethargic, THAT'S PROGRESS! The number on the scale WILL move, but don't let that be your only view of progression!

  "Will I Get Support From Others?"

-Of Course! Not only will I be texting or emailing all you lovely Body Sculptors with words of encouragement, but there will also be a Facebook group dedicated to the ladies of the program! In the Facebook group, you can post transformation pictures, share stories and lift each other up! I will also be posting inspirational quotes and messages on Instagram AND on the member's home page under the tab "Inspirational Quote of the Day" at the top!

As you can see, all the risk is squarely on my shoulders, SO...
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Monique Crosby is the Creator and Founder of Sculpting Bodies and is a highly sought after Weight Loss Expert. After struggling with depression and a food addiction, Monique was finally able to lose 55 pounds, KEEP IT OFF and love herself again! Shortly after losing the weight, Monique started competing in the National Physique Committee's Figure Division (NPC) where she became Nationally Qualified three different times and placed Top 10 at Nationals. After her own transformation, Monique wanted to help the everyday woman lose weight and gain self confidence while loving herself again!

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